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 Boat TvT Event

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PostSubject: Boat TvT Event   Tue 2 Sep - 2:05:32

just somethin we did on some other server i was GMing on at the time.

Boat TvT

u create two boatpaths (to make it easy u can find a place on the map in a straight line from like north to south with no land inbetween).

and have the boats travel side by side and close enough so that u can actually go onto the other boat.

its really just an idea since i know how buggy it can be (HELLA BUGGY) like how to respawn on the boat(i guess u dont lol..) etc
falling off.. etc

depends on our admin/gms/dev w/e being able to pull it off Very Happy.
x,y,z is a biaatch.

its a tough one and im sure wont happen, but yayy fun idea Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Boat TvT Event   Tue 2 Sep - 9:05:43

Wanna play Pirates?
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PostSubject: Re: Boat TvT Event   Thu 4 Sep - 19:36:44

its not that hard.. i mean after all its just a bunch of code, but if you compare the time needed and the product.. it just doesnt seem worth it, or that interesting.. plus imagine what else i could do with the time ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Boat TvT Event   Thu 13 Nov - 12:36:18

I like this ideea
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PostSubject: Re: Boat TvT Event   

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Boat TvT Event
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