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 Event idea "damage event"

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PostSubject: Event idea "damage event"   Wed 27 Aug - 21:39:25

I had this idea floating around for a lil while...
you sign up like any other hourly event
event starts and you port to the coliseum
an npc or something is in the middle
and the players have 1 or 2 minutes to do as much damage as possible to
it in that time. Or whoever does the most damage in a single hit.

Or whack-a-mole
same area but mobs spawn and disappear all over and whoever hits the most wins
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PostSubject: Re: Event idea "damage event"   Sun 16 Nov - 14:50:31

NO it isn't a good ideea on server a lot of newbs come on9 and they dont have a chance of winning event
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Event idea "damage event"
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